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A Non-Denominational Group of Praying Men of God Virtual Prayer

We, “A Non-Denominational Group of Praying Men of God” invite you to our scheduled “Virtual Prayer(s), To God On One Accord, for 7 Minutes and remembering the 7 Last Words via our ZOOM Prayer Meeting and Conference Call In Number: On Good Friday, April 10, 2020, from 11-to 11:07 AM. Prayer Line will open at 10:45 AM.

We are Uniting to be on One Accord as We humble ourselves, Pray and seek God’s face that He will “Heal The Land and end this Conorovirus, COVID-19, pandemic.

On Friday click the following link to join the Prayer Meeting via our Conference Prayer Line 605-472-5419 Password 128988#

And enter the Zoom platform on Friday by opening the following link:


You can support by Standing (with Mask On and 6 ft separation) or sitting kneeling in your homes, stand in windows, on the back porch, balcony, and/or open your garage door(s) to let others know we are in agreement to Pray and ask the Lord God to forgive us. With Lifted Hands, wave to others with a white towel, handkerchief, or a paper towel to say to others we are surrender to God.
Also, beginning Good Friday Night April 10th, through Resurrection, Easter, Sunday, August 12th, please join us by leaving a Light On in your home, or front door or porch Lights. The Light is symbolic of the Light, we are Candle’s of the Lord, of Hope in dark times of our lives. Your Lights are Shinning to give Hope and to encourage each other.

Elder Anton L Seals Sr