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Jesus, The Perfect Priest (Teaching Video)

Jesus, The Perfect Priest (Teaching Video)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Lord keeps on blessing me. I’ve shared previously and witnessed to others various parts of my testimony. How on Monday, July 31,2017, I woke up with no pain in my neck, my back and no more terrible headaches nor any more burning and tingling sensations throughout my body. After 8 1/2 years of Chronic Pain God mircaulously healed me.

Now, I am sharing how by my Faith to believe and trusting while continously praying, praising, worshipping and pressing through withdrawal symptoms how God, through Jesus Christ, and resting in the blessed assurance of the Comforters embrace he has also carried, delivered and strengthen me through the withdrawal symptoms. Since mid August of 2017, with the medical direction of the Dr. of Pain medicine and the Nurse Practitioner I began the process to wean me off the daily dose of 120 of morphine, for close to two years. I began 2017 being on up to 180mg of morphine a day. And the other opioids and prescription drugs for pain and epidural injections I have subscribe to dating back to 2007.

The Lord keeps connecting and opening doors of opportunity for me to teach God’s Word. Pastor Andrew D Singleton Jr., who is my Pastor, is the Senior Pastor of Victory Apostolic Church, in Matteson, Il. He is truly a Shepherd who is called and is an anointed vessel of God. The evidence can be heard and seen from his in depth teaching and illuminating applications of the Word of God. The fruit of his labor is manifested from the sound doctrine and foundational pillars which are the seeds planted with only twelve members that has brought forth a congregation of over 3500 members.
While Pastor Singleton is an extraordinary scholarly teacher he also walks in humility and has a sincere thoughtfulness for others.

I am just one of the many ministers who serve and member who is strengthen by both for his love for the more of Jesus and his pursuit to lead others to live a Victorious Christlike Life.

Pastor Singleton blessed me with an opportunity to stand in for him to teach his Tuesday evening, May 9th & 16th and Wednesday afternoon May 10th & 17, 2017 Lunch On The Word Bible Classes for two weeks.
Both Tuesday evening Classes were streamed live and video recorded.

The video link below is titled Mind Body and Soul, focused on teaching about Jesus the Perfect High Priest. The lessons excerpt Title were focused on highlights from the book my wife, (Jennifer Nelson-Seals)and I authored and Self -Published: “The Tabernacle Dwells In You.”

However, to view the videos you must upload the sermon.net link to your computer and/or cell phone to see me teaching.

I pray the teaching will bless you as much as teaching of God’s Word has helped me and keeps me in his perfect peace.

I Am Grateful To God.