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67th Birthday Praise God & Thank You Sweets

To all of my Family, Friends and FB Family thank you so very much for wishing me a 67th Happy Birthday.

Many of you know part my testimony, how the Lord God delivered and healed me from over 8 + years of pain, on Monday, July 31.

And now after almost 2 years on up to 180mgs of morphine daily, I’m 30 days away from being weaned off all prescription drugs and all pain medications. Weaning off and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the morphine and other opioids was much more difficult than I could ever imagine. Especially, when weaning off started in mid August 2017; just 2 months ago. Only God, through Faith in Christ Jesus, my Comforter, could give such determination and perserverance. In no way has this been easy. Even as i edit this article, I’m reminded of physical emotional psychological drainage I faced today.

So on this 67th Birthday week, I Praise and thank God. And I thank God for my Sweets, my wife Jennifer Nelson Seals who has stood by my side, prayed for me, at times helped me get dressed; yall this Beautiful Woman of God has never given up on God and believing that this to all pass. She says and believes as I do, this is only a test. She’s been my care taker, my everything. You never know what someone is really going through. I’m so Grateful to you my Sweets. Thank YOU So Very much for everything you do every day.

Thank you all for your PRAYERS and believing like we did, and still do, that God is a healer, a provider, a covering, a way maker and we all know God will provide. Thank God for your prayers.

I Love you Jennifer Nelson-Seals, My Sweets, My Best of Friends and My Prayer Partner

Hallelujah, first time out for my Birthday in over 8 years and i didn’t get sick. Praising the Lord and NO PAIN. God Did It. I’m blessed and have So much more to Live for. Truly I’ve experienced Miracles and I’m blessed of God; kept and lead by the Holy Spirit by Faith to Believe Jesus lives, and the blood still works; there’s is power in the name of Jesus

Peace Joy and Happiness even as our Souls Prosper.

Best Birthday Ever.