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Moses Builds The Tabernacle With Three Courts As Directed by God

The Believers Beginning Steps: Enter Into A More Intimate Relationship With God

Three separate courts constitute the total assembling of God’s Dwelling Place, God’s Tabernacle; His Meeting Place. The “Three Courts” include The Outer Court, the Holy Court or Inner Court, also known as God’s Holy Sanctuary, and the Most Holy Court, the Holy of Holies. God would appear before Aaron the High Priest on the Day of Atonement in the Holy of Holies. The Tabernacle Moses built resembled what was revealed to him while visiting God on Mount Sinai; Hebrew 8:5; 9:23-24. In the similitude of God, the Triune God; the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, (Spirit), His Tabernacle has three heavenly realms that we enter by way of three separate sacred chambers.

His Heavenly Realms was revealed and experienced by the High Priest and Priest on behalf of God’s Chosen people, the Tribes of Israel. However, the chosen people, the Tribes of Israel, actually witnessed the glory of God by the opening the Red Sea, manna and quail raining down from heaven, water coming out of the rock in the wilderness and they heard his audible voice. They witnessed the appearance of God’s glory hovering over Mount Sinai and the fire of God that lit the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice. God’s glory and His Light appeared upon the Tabernacle as a cloud by day and a fire by night. Later they would also come to see firsthand the miracle-working power of God by the budding of “Aaron’s Rod.”

Yet, while this all points to the coming of Jesus they did not have God’s Grace, by the blood of Jesus shed on Calvary. His blood sanctifies, and his redeeming powers cleansed all who were willing to believe. For all, they witnessed the children of Israel needed a High Priest on the Annual Day of Atonement. Jesus, the suffering Lamb of God, died and arose for all mankind. Henceforth and forevermore God has placed His Spirit in you, the believer. By Faith, you must confess Jesus now lives in you.

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Thus, man’s body is the Outer Court of the Tabernacle. Your soul, the seat of your mind, heart, will, and emotions represent the Inner Court.

The Holy Court is where we also find the mind of man; the seat of Human will, desires and heart felted emotions are located; man’s inner court. The Word of God is always seeking, shining and cleansing the heart, mind, and will of all mankind. Therefore, look upon your heart, mind, and soul in the like fashion of the building, rooting and establishing a new relationship with Christ in the Holy Court. 

In the Tabernacle’s Holy Court our God is found at the Altar of Incense; the central place of Praying before God. Prayer along with the Word of God, the bread of life, the Shewbread and the quickening of the Holy Spirit, the Candlestick and the oil bowel filled with Olive Oil are all aligned with the Holy Court. There must be a continual refreshing, renewing or a regenerating experience for all believers. Seeking to abide in the presence of the Lord Jesus will establish God’s Word in your life. Thus you must give yourself as a living sacrifice and be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind in Christ Jesus; Romans 12:1-2

Additionally, the Holy of Holies is where God has placed His Living Spirit through Christ Jesus in you. Your Inner Spirit is the Tabernacle, His Dwelling placed in you. Believers know Jesus is always in and near because by faith you confess, believe and trust in Jesus Christ; your Lord and SaviorI Corinthians 3:16.

You must enter into His Holy presence by confessing and desiring to draw closer: in your desire to hear the Word of God by Faith to seek him; growing and to know His Word through prayer, praise, worship. When Jesus “Arose” he allowed us to come directly to Him by Believing, by faith in God. Jesus arose from death, leaving His human form, tent/human body, behind thus giving you an eternal precious “Gift of His Spirit.” You are called to serve as His Ambassadors in the Kingdom of God on earth. You have been given the power to carry out His will. Jesus’ Tabernacle, “His meeting place now dwells in you.”

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He is now seated on the right hand of God in Heaven with the Father, Almighty Jehovah God is a Living Spirit; He is the Light, the Bread of Life and He dwells in the Spirit, the inner man, of all Believers. As a believer with a sincere heart you opened yourself to him as a living sacrifice so that you can serve him by allowing Him to use:

  1. your ears to hear, both in the Spirit and inaudible tones, what saith the Lord as you go forth speaking and directing all to follow the directions of Christ;
  2. your mouth to speak what has entered your heart allowing you to share by witnessing His Grace, Mercy, and the Miracle Working Powers of truth and righteousness;
  3. your feet/legs to carry forth the spreading the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ and to serve on the battlefield of the Lord as an anointed soldier dressed in the whole armor of God, who teaches others of His love as a warring and conquering God
  4. your hands/arms to give comfort as He directs you to anoint or to just give a reassuring warm touch, or embrace and to help others; so, one can feel His Love, goodness, gentleness, kindness and unspeakable joy while traveling through life’s journey; for He opens hearts to know the touch of Jesus
  5. your eyes to reveal His Marvelous Light that lets others see you have been with the Father in His Spiritual and Heavenly place(s) as he has separated light from the darkness that others can see His miracles, signs, wonders and the plans for all who seek Him

God, for one sole purpose, gave us this outward shell, frame, tent, a tabernacle, the human physical body that provides a meeting place to serve as evidence of His Spiritual Creation on earth for all mankind, that He may be Glorified. God’s initial creation of the human body, the Physical Image of God, was made perfect; therefore, both Adam and Eve were created Holy on day six of His Creation. However, as we know because they both ate of the tree of knowledge God now allows all humans to experience worldly sins; while yet being able to experience the Spiritual manifestation of His presence in Prayer and by his Spirit. It is in the Spiritual quickening that Believers come to know the beauty of His love and power. Believers also receive wisdom, knowledge, and understanding when they are steadfast and immovable while seeking and doing God’s Will. Everything done, desired, sought after and all He allows you to know must be for the Glory of God; to edify and magnify the Kingdom of God on earth. Without Jesus, there would be no need for the human body and without God’s Grace and the Blood of Jesus mankind surely would remain lost forever. There is no existence without Jesus being the visible image of our invisible God.