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“The Tabernacle Dwells In You”

Announcing “The Tabernacle Dwells In You”  

#3rd Print by Authors: Anton & Jennifer Seals

AJS Ministry as Self Publishers via Ingram Spark 

Mission Statement:

To Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching, writing and publishing Christian education materials that leads souls to Christ; knowing that they too are created and Anointed by Jesus: To Serve In Ministry (AJS-Ministry).

The Tabernacle Dwells In You” is in its 3rd print via Lightning Source, an affiliate of Ingram Sparks: On Demand Printing and Distributors; one of the largest On Demand Printing services in the USA.

Because AJS Ministry are Self-Pubishers, Lightning Source in listed and posted “The Tabernacle Dwells In You” in over 11,000 Christian outlets and 39,000 other vendors. This allow the Book to be sold retail in major stores, and via Amazon.com and whole sale through AJS Ministry. We are pleased to announce that “The Tabernacle” is listed in major outlets and on the book shelves of Barnes and Nobles and via Amazon.com. Additionally, you can contact us at: A[email protected].


Also, write directly to place 0rder(s), to discuss arranging workshops, seminars, schedule an 8-12 week teaching series. There is a 9 week Class Syllabus, and my Teachers Manual. Books can be ordered and paid for online via Pay Pal and or Swipe Cards if purchased directly via AJS Ministry.  

This past winter of 2017 my Pastor Andrew Singleton Jr of Victory Apostolic Church in Matteson, allowed me to teach and cover his Tuesday and Wednesday Classes for 2 weeks. These classes focused on the relationship of the O T High Priest and Jesus Christ as “The High Priest, as it relates to “You Being The Tabernacle” and the Holy Spirit who dwells in you. 

A Brief Discription:

“The Tabernacle Dwells In You” is your sacred meeting place, your war room, with God; it is where Believers go to discover the: Plan, Purpose, Direction, The Spirit and the Power of God, who Dwells in you. He is the Creator of all good things and the Lord God Almighty. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord. He fulfilled His promise to all humanity with the gift of eternal life, His Plan of Salvation is complete and He is our Redeemer . He stands at your door waiting on you to welcome Him in to your heart. Hallelujah, He has given you an invitation to the Great Wedding and a seat at throne of Grace where He adorns you with a Crown and says to you Well Done Faithful Servant.

In addition to contacting AJS Ministry (Anton & Jennifer Seals Ministry) as the Self-Publishers of, “The Tabernacle Dwells In You” is available also on Amazon.com and also posted with over 11,000 vendors. The Tabernacle Dwells In You (TTDNU) is Printed On Demand via our account and arrangements with Ingram Spark Publishing. This allows you, the buyer, to order, purchase and ship your perfect bound paper- back book or upload your E-Book via Amazon or directly by contacting me (Anton L Seals, Sr) via

[email protected]

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